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09.00 introduction and welcome remarks

Juan Manuel Palerm, UNISCAPE President, ULPGC, Spain
Rafael Robaina Romero, Rector ULPGC, Spain
Mauro Agnoletti, President of the Regional Landscape Observatory of Tuscany, DAGRI
Saverio Mecca, DIDA Director, University of Florence
Francesco Ferrini, President of the School of Agriculture, University of Florence

Challenges/ Landscape as a project/ Landscape as a common good
Introduced and chaired by Sasa Dobricic, UNISCAPE vice-president, University of Nova Gorica

09.45 Emanuele Coccia, philosopher EHESS, Paris
The life of plants: a metaphysics of Mixture (draft title)

11.05 Lučka Kajfež Bogataj, Climatologist and member of IPCC, University of Ljubljana
Climate change and other planetary pressures: is landscape science prepared for new reality?

11.45. Amy Strecker, expert in International Law and Spatial justice, University College, Dublin,
Landscape, Property, and Spatial (In)Justice: Problems and Prospects of articulating Landscape as Commons in Law

12.25 Frédérique Aït Touati, historian of literature and modern science, theatre director, CNRS Paris
Performing landscape

13.00 Discussion led by Veerle van Eetvelde, UNISCAPE vice-president. University of Ghent

14.30-16.00 Thematic Session Landscape Policy and governance

Introduced and chaired by Gian Franco Cartei, University of Florence, Claudia Cassatella, Turin Polytechnic University

14.45 Stefano Civitarese Matteucci, University of Chieti-Pescara,
Landscape planning policy as a measure of implementation of the European Landscape Convention

15.15 Jørgen Primdahl, Copenhagen University, Policy and governance challenges facing European rural landscapes (tbc)

15.45 Concluding remarks

Chair: John Parrotta, President, IUFRO

16.00 Ian D. Rotherham Sheffield Hallam University/IUFRO, UK – How Landscape History and Tradition Present Challenges for Present and Future Forest Management

16.20 Lars Östlund Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden – Strategies to protect the ancient cultural forest landscapes in northern Europe – how to interpret seemingly natural old-growth forests with new methods

16.40 Elisabeth Johann Austrian Forest Association/IUFRO, Austria – Coppice forests: The re-introduction of traditional management systems in response to the decline of species and landscape and under the aspect of climate change

17.00 Tereza Blažková Charles University & Labrys NGO, Prague, Czech Republic, Jiří Woitsch Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic – Different stories of mountain spruce forest heritage in the Bohemian Forest, Central Europe: Conflicting issues or a way for finding more effective management and protection policies?

17.20 Mónica Gabay National University of San Martin, Argentina, Hugo Arce Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain – Enhancing forest cultural values and traditional knowledge reproduction in San Pedro, Province of Misiones, Argentina

17.40 Katie Kamelamela Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests, Hawaii, USA – Revitalization of Cultural Values in Hawaii’s Forested Landscapes through Consensus

18.00-18.30 Discussion

16.00-18.30 PARALLEL SESSION 2 | Governance of agricultural heritage systems

Chair: Alexandra Kruse, EUCALAND Network, Fabiana Navia, University of Porto

16.00 Alexandra Kruse (EUCALAND), Martina Slamová, Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia – Old but not old fashioned: Agricultural Landscapes as European Heritage and basis for sustainable multifunctional farming to earn a living

16.20 Viviana Ferrario, IUAV University of Venice, Italy- Agricultural heritage at stake in Italy and the ELC. National policies and bottom-up initiatives

16.40 Yves Michelin, Université Clermont Auvergne, AgroParisTech, INRAE, VetAgro Sup, Territoires, Clermond-Ferrand, France – Making the geological landforms more understandable in the landscape by supporting and modernizing the traditional grazing systems: a new governance system in the Chaine des Puys – Limagne fault UNESCO Site that could inspire other places

17.00 Zdeněk Kučera, Zdeněk Boudný, Vít Jančák, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic – Changing meanings of agricultural landscape heritage: the case of Czechia

17.20 Jana Špulerová, Zita Izakovičová Institute of Landscape Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia – The selected indicators for typology of biocultural landscapes in Slovakia

17.40 Eleni Athanasiadou Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, Aikaterini Gkoltsiou IFLA Europe / Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects, Athens, Greece, Angeliki Paraskevopoulou Agricultural University of Athens, Greece – Agricultural Heritage Landscapes of Greece: three case studies and strategic steps towards their acknowledgement, conservation and management

18.00-18.30 Discussion

09.00-10.30 Thematic Session Observing landscape

Introduced and chaired by Juanjo Galan, Aalto University, Finland, Juan Manuel Palerm Salazar, ULPGC, Spain

09.15 Luigi Latini, IUAV University of Venice, Italy, FBSR, The design sense of landscape observing. Five open windows overlooking the Veneto landscape

09.45 Pere Sala I Martì, Catalonia Landscape Observatory, The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia: A journey of fifteen years.

10.15 concluding remarks

10.45-12.15 Thematic Session Landscape design and time

Introduced and chaired by Rita Occhiuto, Universitè de Liège and Margherita Vanore, Università IUAV di Venezia

11.00 Marco Navarra, University of Catania, Fragile Earths. Architecture/Archaeology

11.30 Michel Hössler, Agence Ter, Paris, Time- tested design and implementation

12.00 Concluding remarks

12.30-13.10 Presentation of the UNISCAPE White paper
to be implemented to 20 October 2021

Bas Pedroli, Wageningen University
Juanjo Galàn, Aalto University, Finland
Introduced and discussed by Fabio Salbitano DAGRI, UNISCAPE representative University of Florence

14.30 Dario Nardella, Major of Florence, Welcome Remarks

14.50 Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (tbc)

15.00 Roberto Morassut, Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Environment

15.10 Franco Bernabé, President of the UNESCO National Committee

15.20 Luigi Dei Rector of the University of Florence


15.30 Tessa Matteini (chair), UNISCAPE Director, DIDA unifi

15.40 Franco Zagari, UNISCAPE founder member

15.50 Yann Nussaume, Paris, La Villette

16.00 Conor Newman, NUI University di Galway

16.10 Renato Bocchi, IUAV University of Venice

Cultivating continuity of European Landscape

16.20 Mauro Agnoletti (chair), President of the Regional Landscape Observatory of Tuscany

16.35 Ellen Fetzer, ECLAS president

16.45 Marc Claramunt, IFLA Europe

16.55 Fabio Di Carlo, IASLA President

17.05 Gabriele Locatelli, Slow Food Delegate

Twenty years of ELC

17.15 Juan Manuel Palerm (chair), President UNISCAPE

17.30 Maguelonne Déjeant Pons, Secretariat of the Council of Europe

18.00-18.30 pause

18.30 Landscapes of the future

Maria Cristina Tullio, AIAPP President

Cecilia Del Re, Council Member Municipality of Florence

Anna Lambertini President Master degree in Landscape Architecture, DIDA

Tessa Capponi, President Foundation Tutela territorio Chianti Classico

Tuscany Region Observatory – Landscape Award Ceremony

Vincenzo Ceccarelli, Council Member Tuscany Region

Alessandro Jaff, Rete Professioni Tecniche

Franco Cambi, University of Siena

Gianrico Fabbri, President Slow Food Toscana

Eugenio Giani, Tuscany Region President

Slow Food slow food supports UNISCAPE 2020 [program]

10.30-13.00 Exploring Oltrarno heritage landscapes
organized by AIAPP (Italian Association of Landscape Architects) Tuscany, Umbria, Marche,
guided by Giorgio Galletti, International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscape

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